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All map references can be found on Ordnance Survey Land Ranger Map 40 Mallaig and Glenfinnan

Descriptions of Coastal Ranger Guided Walks can be found here

The summit of CREAG MHOR
Map ref. 680 886
A mile or so N.E. of Keppoch, it is a well situated view-point for Loch Morar, the mountains to the N.& E., and the magnificent skylines of Eigg and the Cuillin of Rum and Skye. On a clear day you can see as far as Uist. The west ridge can provide a scramble which can be approached from the track past Kinloid Farm, after it crosses the railway. The route is indeterminate. By diligent, ranging traverses, occasionally downward, following a series of steep, sometimes overhanging steps (ascending by cracklines) and delicate slabs, strenuous rockclimbing may be had all the way to the top. The intervening bogs and burns are carpeted with brilliant yellow saxifrage aziodes till late summer.
6 miles 2-3hr.
Eigg and Rum from top of Creag Mhor, Arisaig
Eigg, Rum and Arisaig Bay from summit of Creag Mhor

A gentler ascent can be made by turning right under the railway after Kinloid farm and following the track up to the radio mast and then taking any route up to a high point to get a good view. There are lochans over the back. The track past Kinloid continues on to Suinas-Leitir and on to Scamadale on the south shore of Loch Morar. This makes an easy return walk on a dirt road.
Appx. 3hrs.
It is possible to continue from Loch Morar southward, by the lochans, and down to Glen Borrodale.
9.5 miles, 4 hours.

Subscribers to Walking World can get further details and map of this walk from Jim Lowery's report - walks also available to buy individually.

Borrodale - Scamadale -Arisaig
Map ref. 695 850
This walk commences on the track opposite Borrodale farm and follows Borrodale burn up on to the top. The track is marked by cairns at various places and leads north towards Loch Morar. The descent at Scamadale is quite steep. Return by the track at the foot of Creag Mhor to Kinloid and on to Arisaig.

Druiminarroch to Prince Charlie's cairn
Map ref. 690 850
A short, easy walk.
Follow the track north-east from the bay towards Arisaig House and then east past Prince Charlie's cave and across the field in front of the hotel. Pass the old fort on the headland and along the coast to the Beasedale Burn and the road at Prince Charlie's cairn at Cuildarroch, map ref. 726 843

Subscribers to Walking World can get further details and map of this walk from Jim Lowery's report - walks also available to buy individually.

Arisaig from Rhu shielings
Arisaig from the old shielings on Rhu
Rhu, Arisaig

Map ref. 660 860
Take the Rhu road out of Arisaig village. From the pier at the end you can walk to a sandy beach beyond Rhu house, or by branching off the Rhu road at the head of the long inlet and keeping to the east of the lochan you can descend to the stony bays and caves on Loch nan Uamh, visiting the old shielings and with great views of Arisaig as you return.

Bracora to Tarbert
Map ref. 713 930
There are a series of lovely walks to be taken along the north shore of Loch Morar, the most well known being the walk to Tarbert on Loch Nevis. From the end of the paved road at Bracorina follow the lochside path for approx. 7 miles, take a left turn and cut through between the hills to Loch Nevis. Loch Morar
4 hour round trip or you can link up with the post boat/ferry back to Mallaig 3 times a week, which arrives around 3.30p.m.

Bracorina to Easter Stoul

Map ref. 726 928

From Bracorina follow the lochside for a short way then head up left to the series of lochans at the top and across via stepping stones to Easter Stoul on Loch Nevis.

Subscribers to Walking World can get further details and map of this walk from Jim Lowery's report - walks also available to buy individually.

Loch Nevis  looking towards Inverie

Views over Loch Nevis toward Inverie from above Brinacory

Silver Sands of Morar Map ref. NM678929
Walk along the shore from Morar village to Bourblach beach and beyond, with lovely views to Eigg and Rum. 3.5km.

For further details visit the Walk Highland website

Allt an Loin - Morar Loch Morar to Glasnacardoch, Mallaig
Map ref. 698 931
From the fishing permit shed at Allt an Loin on the north side of Loch Morar, there is a track up to the larger lochs - Loch a Ghille Ghobraich, Loch a'Bhada Dharach and Loch an Nosterie, from where you can descend via Glasnacardoch to Mallaig. Can be very boggy.

Views south down Allt an Loin to Loch Morar

Carn a'Ghobhair 1,794', Sgurr an eilean Ghuibhais, Sgurr Bhuidhe 1,433'
about 3 miles E. of Mallaig.
Well worth visiting for the views from the summits. The steep drop of 1,700, from the top of Sgurr an eilean Ghuibhais to the shore of Loch Nevis is spectacular. The best approach is probably from Glasnacardoch, just before Mallaig (Map ref. 958 675), eastwards up the path to Loch Eireagoraidh. A very steep cliff 200' high on the south side of Sgurr Bhuidhe provides some rock climbs.


The Mallaig Circular walk - 3km. Map ref. NM679969

Great views over Mallaig harbour to Skye and across Loch Nevis to Knoydart. The path starts along East Bay, close to Springbank guest house. The walk can be extended for a short distance by turning right when reaching the road at Mallaig Bheag and following the road and then the track along the loch side until you reach the end at a white house.

For further details visit the Walk Highland website

Loch Nevis from Mallaig Bheag

Loch an Nostarie - 6km. Map ref. NM679969
Starting from the same point as the Circular walk, follow the signs for Loch an Nosterie.
The path has been improved but can still be boggy. It climbs up, giving great views to Sleat and Knoydart, then reaches the loch. The path west brings you down to Glasnacardoch, from where you return to Mallaig and the starting point. (Or you could do it in reverse!) 6km.

For further details visit the Walk Highland website

Loch Eireagoraidh - 9km. Map ref. NM676956
Starts at Glasnacardoch, 100m. from junction with A830. A rather boggy moorland walk which has been improved in the past few years. Follow the wooden planked bridges over the worst parts. The route passes Loch an Nosterie and continues east, following the sign for Loch Eireagoraidh. Arriving at the loch itself is an interesting surprise. The loch is the water source for the area.

For further details visit the Walk Highland website

Prince Charlie's Cave  Map ref. 786 832

This is the access path to Meoble Lodge starting from the west end of Loch Eilt just north of Arieniskill, by going through the cattle creep under the railway line. Follow the Allt na Criche burn. Parts of the walk are clearly defined, others not at all due to open, boggy areas, so a map is recommended. The route down from Prince Charlie's cave to loch level is steep. If you're not wanting to hunt for the cave you can take the westerly route across the hillside, crossing the river at the second bridge. There is no continuation along Loch Morar side, though a round trip can be made by returning by the north side of Loch Beoraid to Kinlochbeoraid and then south by a steep trackless ascent to the Feith a'Chata and the Cross on the main road west of Glenfinnan.

Loch Morar from caravan bay
West down Loch Morar from Caravan Bay

Loch nan Uamh and Loch Beag

Cuildarrach House viewed across Loch Beag from the Ardnish path

appx. 2mls. east of Lochailort on the north side of the road

Map ref. 742 838
A well known walk starting at car park near Polnish, climbing up around the lochans, with views west to Eigg, Rum and Skye, and north over Loch nan Uamh. Leading down to the much loved and frequented Peanmeanach bothy on the west end of the peninsular.

Visit the Walk Highland website for an OS map of the route and much more!

Glen Beasedale (Map ref. NM714849)

Starting point on the A830 to Mallaig before Beasdale Station. This 3.7 mile walk follows a wide valley path with some optional short, narrow gorges.

Subscribers to Walking World can get further details and map of this walk from Jim Lowery's report - walks also available to buy individually.

A little further afield

Glenfinnan Viaduct  (Map ref. NM905818)

Starting point is the Glenfinnan Visitor Center. This 5.6 mile walk takes you up the Glenfinnan valley and under the viaduct.  Great walk for kids, especially with its links with the Hogwart's Express, and is wheelchair accessible

For further details and map of this walk download the PDF file of Jim Lowery's report from Walking World.

A shorter walk in the same vicinity is the Glenfinnan circuit (Map ref. NM906808) 4km. which is mostly on easy tracks but has one rough and boggy section. Great views of the viaduct and Loch Shiel - time it to coincide with the steam train going over the viaduct for that real "Hogwart's Express" experience!

For further details visit the Walk Highland website

Glenfinnan viaduct

Glen Mama to Loch Mama (Map ref. NM734841)

Starting point is a layby on the A830 to Mallaig just by Glen Mama Farm. This 6.2 mile walk climbs through ancient oak woodland to the lovely Loch Mama.  It can be boggy. The first section is great fun for kids as it has many opportunities for river crossing by bridge, trees, fords and stones.  There is a steep section with rapids and pools before the route crosses the burn by stepping stones onto Loch Mama.

For further details and map of this walk download the PDF file of Jim Lowery's report from Walking World.

Samalaman to Smirisary  (Map ref. NM662777)

Park in the lay-by opposite Samalaman island. This 3.11mile walk takes you to the ancient village of Smirisary, near Glenuig. Plenty of scope for exploring beaches.

For further details and map of this walk download the PDF file of Jim Lowery's report from Walking World.

Some more challenging climbs

View from Ben Nevis towards Lismore

View from Ben Nevis towards Lismore

Ben Nevis via the mountain track   Map ref. NN127178

Starting opposite the Glen Nevis Inn - the safest ascent and descent of Ben Nevis. Approx. 7hr. return trip.

For further details and map of this walk download the PDF file of Jim Lowery's report from Walking World.

Sgurr nan Coireachan - a Munro, north of Loch Beoraid
From the head of Loch Morar, the ridge from Sgurr an Ursainn, Map ref. 865 871, over Beinn Garbh, is a worthwhile addition to the Sgurr nan Coireachan - Sgurr Thuilm traverse. There is also a good path from the watershed between Glen Obain Bhig and Glen Pean to the col west of Sgurr nan Coireachan if a shorter route is desired. The path is not shown on the 1 inch map. Glen Obain Bhig is an impressive place.
These mountains are more easily accessed from Glenfinnan and are for serious walkers!

Sgurr Thuilm & Sgurr nan Coireachan (Map ref. NM906808) 23km.
These two Munros give a long and rugged day out with excelent views.

For further details visit the Walk Highland website

Druim Fiaclach 1,000' approx.
An attractive looking peak seen from the road alongside Loch nan Uamh. It is a good viewpoint for the Rois Bheinn group to the south, Ben Nevis to the east and the Small Isles to the west. Eilan nan Each, the islet north of Muck, shows up particularly well. It can be approached either from the corner 800yds.east of the Prince's Cairn at Cuildarroch (Map ref. 716 843), where a track leads under the railway line to the Bealach (pass) north of Glac Ruadh, or directly north from Glen Mama farm.
The time required will be about an hour if no rock climbing is done.
The rock is very sound on the open slabs and faces. The face is in 3 tiers.
The lowest: COXCOMB 60' VERY DIFFICULT. The first 10' seem inordinately steep, but DON'T be lured to the right. Above, the overhanging steps are good incut holds.
The middle tier is divided by a diagonal heather ledge, running from bottom left to top right. To the right hand edge is RAVEN'S SLAB, 150' SEVERE. The first pitch is a slab leading to the right hand edge with adequate (just) incut holds. Then follows a steep section up small quartzite knobs and side pressure holds to a 10' heather traverse right, to a cave. Exit left up a steep, short chimney with heather cornice.
CONTORTA, 200' HARD/SEVERE: on the uppermost tier is the steep topmost slab seen so well from the road by the Prince's Cairn. It has a pronounced pinkish blush discernable from a distance. Close to, the strata are seen to twist like the grain in Birdseye Maple.
On the slab the holds are fine, and they become finer and finer until you are finally greeted at the top by hawthorn and briar roses. A steep chimney leads to within 50' of the highest point. Do not be lured into the depths of the chimney, which is very thorny!

The following is a selection from the range of guided walks led by Angus Macintyre, Coastal Ranger for the Sound of Arisaig, during the season. Follow the link for descriptions of more Coastal Ranger walks. Contact Angus on (tel/fax: 01687 462 983 )

'SEA and SAND'
Smirisary and the White Beach
Map ref. 670 774
Pleasant coastal walk to the ruins of a comparatively recently abandoned crofting village, continuing along the coast to a lovely white sandy beach, returning along a well defined track to the starting point close to Glenuig.
Approx. 3 hours.


Map ref. 627 851

Rhu - old shielings Coastal and hill walk around the Rhu peninsula via the 'Soap Cave' and 'Port nam Murrach', passing the sheilings and the Cairn of Deep Sorrow. No paths in the hills, fairly hard going. Good footwear essential.
Approx. 4 hours.

Old Shielings on the Rhu peninsular

Map ref. 666 917

Hill and coastal walk from Camusdarach via the Garramore Cairn to Traigh. Easy initial climb, then walking on beach. Wonderful views.
Approx. 2 and a half hours.

"Local Hero" beach at Camusdarach
Camusdarach beach

Outdoor Access Code

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code gives detailed guidance on your responsibilities when exercising access rights. The Act sets out where and when access rights apply and how access rights should be exercised.

As far as countryside users are concerned, you can exercise access rights responsibly if you:
1. Take responsibility for your own actions.
2. Respect people's privacy and peace of mind. When close to a house or garden, keep a sensible distance from the house, use a path or track if there is one, and take extra care at night.
3. Help land managers and others to work safely and effectively. Do not hinder land management operations and follow advice from land managers. Respect requests for reasonable limitations on when and where you can go.
4. Care for your environment. Do not disturb wildlife, leave the environment as you find it and follow a path or track if there is one.
5. Keep your dog under proper control. Do not take it through fields of calves and lambs. Dispose of dog dirt.
6. Take extra care if you are organising an event or running a business and ask the landowner's advice.
Their website,
at, is much more detailed and gives contacts etc.

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